What? Research Key Commands With Audio Try Red

Green light can help with migraines.

There are 3 choices for the color. Default is a single color green at 530nm (used in the study.)
The second Gradient Middle will add two color steps above (535nm & 540nm) and two color steps below (525nm & 520nm) the default.
The third option Darker Greens will add four color steps above the default until full green.

If there is interest, I will add functionality:
The ability to select color stepping
HSL color profile
along with any good ideas...
Email me

Keyboard commands:

F for full screen
C for gradient selection

Some tones may help relieve migraine pain

6 hz target with R side @ 140hz & L side @ 134hz
(Use headphones)

Red light for possible improvement in mitochondrial function.

Seeing Red

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